2-6 June 2-6, 2021 (5 full days)
Resort&Hotel ADAGIO
What will be of value during this retreat?
You will practice in practice the techniques and knowledge gained through training on the platform

✦ You will get your unique sensory experience and feel your most dominant element, which is now shaking the entire system

✦ You will hear an internal response, through which side of yours you can now manifest yourself with maximum efficiency

✦ You will gain integrity through practice

✦ You will live your scenario of relationship with money through a financial transformation game

✦ You will receive good grounding and expansion of consciousness

✦ You will enter the depths of processes and realizations in the healing field and live communication with the Master


The retreat will take place at the Adagio boarding house.

It is not for nothing that this small but very cozy boarding house is named with the beautiful word "Adagio", which in Italian means slow, smooth, calm.

There is a special atmosphere of peace, silence and tranquility here for a good rest in body and soul with your family, relatives and friends. This atmosphere will create the perfect setting for our retreat.

What will happen at the retreat?
Every day there will be awareness yoga and practice through the body
Every day we will receive sensory experience through working with a separate element
Every day we will work with a separate chakra, activating and purifying the subtle bodies

Every day we will have relaxation, and filling

Feminine resource field, emotional support, communication, spiritual connection

Magical sunrises and sunsets on the seashore, where you can see dolphins every day

We will visit unique and truly fantastic places
You will have a lot of positive impressions
Some of our practices will take place
in places of power
Photoshoot and unforgettable experience for your collection of memories
COST - 350 $

Included in cost:
✦ 5 days / 5 nights stay at Resort & Hotel ADAGIO
✦ full board meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
✦ previously guaranteed settlement from June 1
✦ yoga of awareness, satsang and practice with Master
✦ transformation game Lady's Cash New
✦ trips to Places of Power
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